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LiuGong 2020 Excellence in Forklift Sales Award

CES Forklift wins another amazing prize  For the 3rd year in a row we have received the Excellence in Forklift Sales Award

LiuGong Dealership conference 2018

CES Forklift wins three amazing prizes Outstanding Market Performance Excellence in Forklift Sales Outstanding Forklift Salesman

“Thank you for browsing through our CES Forklift website, your time is greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact us for any queries, quotes and product information. We value your views and input. Our representatives will gladly assist you on any issues or enquiries. Looking forward to do business with you.”

CES Forklift Team

The Company / Distributor CES Forklift

CES Forklift is the importing and marketing agent for LiuGong Forklifts and material handling equipment in South Africa. CES Forklift has branches in all major cities and can provide national backup and support for all LiuGong forklifts. Importing via the ports of Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth ensure lower overall costs and parts availability across South Africa. Financial expertise and innovative deal options enable highly competitive structures on ownership or rentals.

LiuGong is committed to world-class quality and engineering. The result is easy operation, easy maintenance and easy ownership. Their products are assembled with world class components from suppliers you can trust like Cummins, ZF and Cascade with Xinchai, Yanmar, GM, Isuzu and Nissan engine options to name a few.

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The Manufacturers – LiuGong

Established in 1958, LiuGong is currently the largest Chinese manufacturer of construction equipment. LiuGong has a total of 24 manufacturing facilities worldwide and employs more than 12,000 people including 1,000 engineers working in three world-class research and development facilities. The company supports its global product lines with a rapidly growing network of 320 dealers across 6 continents in 130 countries. The LiuGong dealer network provides over 2,650 sales outlets around the world. LiuGong place focus and emphasis on quality and after sales service which is demonstrated in their commitment to the Six Sigma Methodology and compliance with ISO9000 standards. LiuGong has been awarded China’s prestigious NATIONAL QUALITY AWARD.

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