Stalowa Wola, 14 May 2018 – LiuGong, a global leader in the construction equipment manufacturing industry is proud to celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2018. 60th anniversary celebrations in Europe has just been officially kicked off with a thematic exposition in last week`s Autostrada exhibition in Poland, where the company has its European headquarters and manufacturing base; one of the 20 globally.

Just as in 2017, visitors of the fair could not miss the LiuGong Dressta Machinery stand. It was the second time that the two brands were presented together in one booth with eye-catching, application focused equipment displays and thematic expositions which helped the company to win the Best Exhibitor Golden Stand Award second year in a row. The representation of the brands and equipment during the exhibition was further commented by government officials who have honoured the company with their attendance. Stalowa Wola City President, Mr. Lucjusz Nadbereżny, has mentioned; “This is a very exciting novelty on Polish market and our city that LDM presents LiuGong & Dressta products made here in Poland. We are also very glad that the wider range of products offered by LDM are also being exported from Stalowa Wola to Europe and the rest of the world.”

During the fair, Dressta brand was exposed with 2 of its flagship products, TD-15R Extra crawler dozer alongside with the heavyweight SB-85R Extra pipe layer which is awaiting job assignment in the expected upcoming 4,000 km pipe line project in Poland.

Among all the products displayed, in pole position was the 25 Ton crawler excavator model 925E – showcased in LiuGong’s 60th anniversary special color – designed to provide maximum productivity, reliability and durability in the toughest of applications.

The 925E crawler excavator, Made in Poland for Europe, was tested and certified for its quality and performance in last month’s National Operators Association Event in Sosnowiec. During the exhibition, LDM has received the official plaque and certification from the president of the Operators Association of Poland. Now offered with the standard 3 Year – 5000 Hours warranty, this product is a competent challenger in the Polish market.

Speaking about the company’s strategy and confidence in Poland during the press conference, Mr. Dawei He, General Manager of LiuGong Europe, said “The Polish and European construction equipment industry is characterized by increasing competition, rapid product innovation and seamless top-class customer-oriented service approach. With an ‘importer only’ strategy, LiuGong’s growth potential would be limited. So, we have put in place a 5-points investment plan to realize our growth objectives in Poland & greater Europe to provide high levels of support & sustainable satisfaction that Polish customers expect and deserve. Our investments in Poland cover people, manufacturing, R&D, Distribution & regional headquarters.”

Last year, company has opened a new facility in Warsaw serving as the LiuGong Europe Regional Headquarters coupled with new investments in Stalowa Wola plant to serve as the European production base for LiuGong products which are manufactured alongside the range of Dressta dozer and pipelayers.