On May 25th, Anhui LiuGong Crane Co., Ltd held its 10th Anniversary Celebration and Launch Ceremony for C series products in Bengbu, Anhui Province. Mr. Qi Jun, President of China Engineering Machinery Association; Mr. Wei Fuhai, Vice Director of the China Polar Research Center and Master of Kunlun Station; Mr. Zeng Guang’an, Chairman of LiuGong Group; Mr. Huang Haibo, President of LiuGong Machinery; Mr. Yu Yajun, Chairman of LiuGong Crane Company and Mr. Deng Bo, General Manager of LiuGong Crane Company; as well as LiuGong distributors, suppliers, customer representatives and media friends, in a total of 400+ people, participated in the event.

By acquiring Bengbu Zhengchonganli CE Machinery Co., Ltd (formerly is Bengbu Crane Factory), in February, 2008, LiuGong added crane products into its portfolio. In the past 10 years, Anhui LiuGong has engaged in technology innovation and product upgrades and gradually completed the crane’s lineup including truck-mounted cranes, crawler cranes and lorry-mounted cranes. In 2015, as one of the first in the industry, Anhui LiuGong cooperated with Italy ISOLI Company to start R&D and the manufacturing of aerial working platforms, providing more comprehensive solutions for world lifting and hoisting customers.

Chairman Zeng Guang’an pointed out that the 10-year development of Anhui LiuGong is a valuable asset to LiuGong’s 60 year heritage. Anhui LiuGong has achieved great success in the past 10 years and showed courage, obligation and undertake; It has written a story of passion and drive with hard work and the spirit of never yielding in spite of challenges. Today, we are here to witness a new era for Anhui LiuGong with the launch of C-series cranes and 130 tonnage crane that has made Anhui LiuGong Crane Company to be a leading company in the lifting and hoisting industry in China. Looking forward to our next journey, we will adhere to the development of both crane and aerial working platform. And we hope that Anhui LiuGong would also endeavor to seize the opportunity, accelerate the corporation’s reform, motivate the staff’s enthusiasm and creativity, and continuously optimize the industry structure & urge the products’ upgrade to embrace a new momentum, proving it to be a good company with boldness, courage and striving to become a world class enterprise.

At the ceremony, LiuGong unveiled its C series products and TC1300C7, a 130 tonnage crane, to the guests. The C-series will bring customers a brand new “8C” experience of challenging, creative, clever, comfortable, convenient, communicative, customer-oriented and cost-efficient. Meanwhile, the self-developed TC1300C7 not only fills the blank of 100+ tonnage products for LiuGong, but also stands for the most advanced technology in China crane industry. LiuGong will further enhance its presence in the large crane market in the world.