The 9th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum (IIICF) was held in Macao on June 7-8. As one of the leading enterprises in the CE industry, LiuGong has been invited and participated in the event for 9 consecutive years. This year, President of LiuGong, Mr. Huang Haibo, and Vice President, Luo Guobing, attended the forum and addressed the attendees representatively.

Mr. Huang Haibo spoke on the “4th China-LAC Infrastructure Forum”, where he shared LiuGong’s 15 years of development experience in Latin America.

He said that LiuGong had transferred its business in Latin America from international sales to localization. LiuGong has been engaged in the development of local economy; cultivation of local talent as well as regional social responsibility.

Both China and Latin America are in the midst of a transition, where the core is to improve the independent innovation capabilities. In the past few years, LiuGong has achieved several huge breakthroughs in core technologies through both M&A and its continuous investment in R&D and the establishment of an internationalized management systems. Driven by innovation, LiuGong has evolved into a world-class total solution provider in the CE industry with great competitiveness.

LiuGong has always maintained good cooperation with Latin American countries. LiuGong is willing to contribute in local infrastructure construction, and take the opportunity to introduce LiuGong’s advanced technologies, products, service and management to local market to build a connective and commutative business mode and form a shared and co-built mechanism in the business.

Mr. Luo Guobing shared LiuGong’s strategy on the total intelligent development with the audiences at the parallel forum of “UK-China Infratech-Driving our Future Cities”. The application of LiuGong’s intelligent machine management system in wheel loaders, excavators and cranes can already realize the monitoring, positioning, service reservation and operation support based on real-time data analysis. Meanwhile, along with the development of intelligent applications, unmanned driving, automatic obstacle avoidance, mission planning and other functions are also within our reach. In the future, LiuGong’s total intelligent strategy will cover intelligent products and technologies; marketing and service; intelligent management, and intelligent manufacturing etc. LiuGong would like to work together with infrastructure enterprises to explore more solutions in both scientific and technology to meet with new challenges in the future.

During the forum, LiuGong held an opening ceremony of “The Super Projects for the Great Countries – LiuGong 60 years: a story of passion and drive”. 2018 is the 60th anniversary of LiuGong and the 15th year of LiuGong’s globalization. LiuGong has taken part in lots of super projects all over the world, such as railway constructions in China-Laos and East Malaysia, PKM expressway in Pakistan, the construction of “FAST” space sounding base and Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge project. LiuGong not only overcame the most extreme and the toughest conditions in these projects over and over again, but also won the respect from all over the world and received high evaluation from customers. LiuGong is to take on the future expedition and make more contributions to the infrastructure constructions along the “OBOR” regions as well as globally.