Mogi Guaçu, May 30, 2018 – LiuGong Latin America, one of the world’s leading heavy equipment manufacturers in the yellow line for construction, agriculture and mining, announces that it maintains accelerated investments in its structure and is completing important processes to expand participation in the Brazilian market and in other Latin American countries, regardless of economic, social and political instabilities. Adopting its philosophy of action in the main world markets in the long term, the company highlights the main facts about its recent activities and reinforces its commitment to the country.

The restructuring of the entire network of distributors in Brazil and in the main Latin American markets, which began two years ago at a time of significant sales slowdown in the domestic market, is almost complete: the company now counts on the performance of companies and professionals with deep knowledge about the local markets where they operate with heavy equipment, being able to offer relevant solutions to the clients.

Very soon it will also form the first team of young professionals with specialization for the assembly of their equipment in the factory in Brazil, training investment carried out in partnership with

And, concluding this phase of structuring, is the reinforcement of the commercial team with the hiring of two new professionals, Ivan Pezzoto and Hebert Francisco, both with extensive experience in heavy equipment of the yellow line.

Executive Ivan Pezzoto joins the company as commercial director and will lead the sales of new equipment and relationships with distributors throughout the region. For over 18 years as an executive in the sector of heavy equipment with products of big companies of the market, he was in charge of the areas of sales of products, parts, services and marketing. LiuGong will have the challenge of growing the company’s participation in the market, bringing to all regions of the country and Latin America the products recognized by high quality, reliability and economy.

Hebert Francisco, will take over the management of products. He has been operating for 10 years in the yellow line segment, with passages by recognized companies. The professional will have as main challenges to support the entire network of distributors for the expansion of sales.

The company’s strategic planning predicted that all this restructuring would be completed on the eve of the M&T Sobratema fair at the beginning of June this year, when the announcements to the market would take effect. However, due to the postponement of the fair, it decided to anticipate the information to the market to continue the planned actions.

According to Mr. Tan Zuozhou, “LiuGong’s investments in the last two years in the new structure are part of the process of adapting the company to the needs of the market in the continent. We worked on the restructuring of sales channels in Latin America, fulfilling our commitment to invest in the region from Brazil. “

LiuGong, which celebrates 60 years of activities this year, maintains its philosophy of operating in international markets with a long-term vision, and this applies equally to Brazil and other Latin American countries. According to Mr. Tan, “We understand that all countries go through cycles of economic development and eventually there are moments of uncertainty due to conjunctural situations. During our business history, we have always maintained our investments in several countries in the world, facing political, social and economic instabilities. And today we reap the fruits of these investments, with a strong and lucrative performance. In Brazil, our attitude will not be different. “

he factory installed in Brazil in 2015 in the municipality of Mogi Guaçu and the maintenance of the investments in the country are great demonstrations to sustain the plans of growth.

Profile – Ivan Forster Pezzoto Junior

Mechanical Engineer – Federal University of Uberlândia – MG; MBA in Business Administration – FGV; MBA International Business Administration – University of Phoenix – FL, USA.

He began his activities in the heavy equipment sector at Caterpillar Brasil in 1998, where he developed his entire career to the present, with brief stops by Terex and KGC Máquinas (Hyundai).

Profile – Hebert Francisco

Production Engineer – UNIP; Executive MBA in Business Administration: Production and Quality Management – FGV.

Experience of more than 10 years working in the area of Quality, Sales and Post-Sales in multinational companies such as Doosan, Volvo CE, TRW Automotive and Caterpillar; post-sales management acting on all fronts of the service and parts areas, such as technical training, customer technical support, PDI (pre-delivery inspection), machine renovation, warranty and spare parts.

About LiuGong
Throughout its 60 years of existence, LiuGong Machinery Corporation remains one of the largest heavy construction equipment industries in China. Since building the country’s first modern wheel loader, LiuGong has evolved to become one of the fastest growing Chinese companies in the world, offering a full line of machines to use in extreme and intuitive conditions for owners of construction equipment, constantly challenged to do more with less. LiuGong provides opportunity for its employees, quality products and services to its clients, financial success for its investors, and community support in the regions where it operates.