In a large coal mine in Shanxi, China, LiuGong machines are busy doing various work. The cooperation between the mining company and LiuGong can be traced back to 1996 and almost every generation of LiuGong equipment has left its mark here.

“We have used LiuGong equipment for so many years and LiuGong has proven to be durable and reliable. The after-sales service is always timely and to our satisfaction” said Mr. Cao, manager of the equipment department. He also indicated that a total of 11 LiuGong wheel loaders are still in use at the mine. “The machines’ reliability is essential for mines, since the delay of production will be troublesome.”

In 2017, the company decided to invest in new machines to meet with the expanding market demands and the company’s development. After careful calculation and research, the company decided to buy large-tonnage wheel loaders to improve efficiency. Thanks to the long-term cooperation and the established faith in LiuGong, 2 LiuGong 870H were purchased.

The maintenance and management of all the equipment in the mine is particularly strict. “Each maintenance check is recorded, and every machine must be maintained on time. The machines must be repaired immediately if any breakdown occurs, as a result, we keep a high availability rate of machinery and this also ensures a long working life for our machines” said Mr. Ren, one of the operators in the mine. “We treat the equipment tenderly and this is the secret to keep our machine’s performance and efficiency.” He pointed to a LiuGong 856 loader beside him and indicated that it had been used for about 10 years, and that it might look a bit old, but it still works normally and strongly.

Timely service response is crucial to business and along with being satisfied with the quality of the machines, Mr. Cao is completely satisfied with LiuGong’s service. He recalled that one-night last winter, a piece of equipment broke down suddenly. And only 2 hours after he called, the service people arrived at the mine and solved the problem in another 2 hours. It is very cold at the end of December in Xi’an and the dedication of LiuGong’s service team deeply impressed him.

The company plans to update all the old models into large tonnage loaders within 1-2 years to be in accordance with the company’s strategies. The 870H can effectively increase the production while cutting down on cost.