Adhering to the core values ​​of Liugong’s customer orientation and quality achievement in the future, Liugong Forklift R&D team conducted a full investigation on the market segment of heavy-duty entry conditions. It took nearly one year to develop a machine that fits the operation of the box. High quality 10-12 tons into the box work forklift. Solve the pain points of customers in such working conditions: the normal standard 10-12 tons of forklifts can not enter the container for stacking operations, and the difficulty of entering large boxes of large tonnage goods.
Liugong’s 10-12 ton box truck has the following advantages:
– Low body, low vehicle height, meeting the requirements of the container for the size of the forklift
– The width of the whole machine is 2000mm, and the height of the whole machine is 2225mm, which fully meets the requirements for the whole machine to enter the container handling operation.
– Standard two-level full free gantry and side shifter to adapt to the operation inside the box
– Free lifting height of 1100mm, the overall side shifter, to solve the need for lifting inside the box and quickly aligning the goods
– Guarantee operator comfort at low vehicle height
– In order to improve the impact on the operator’s operating space after the height of the whole machine is reduced, the entire frame should be optimized, and the driving space is equivalent to the standard forklift, ensuring long-term operator comfort and labor intensity, and improving work efficiency.
– Standard front video image to increase front view and improve operation efficiency
– Greatly improve the accuracy of forklifting goods and ensure that the goods are not damaged by the forks, improve work efficiency and quality
The key components are common with the standard 10 ton forklift, and the later accessories and services can be quickly satisfied to solve the customer’s worries. The standard air pre-filter, double-core air filter and medium-range exhaust gas greatly meet the adaptability of high dust working environment; the large radiator makes the engine fully meet the high temperature port environment and the boxing operation. The front axle clamp disc brake, large-capacity accumulator, the brake is sensitive and reliable, effectively protecting the container and cargo from damage.
In addition to 10-12 tons of forklift trucks, Liugong will carry a full range of forklift products, guided by customer needs, to provide customers with comprehensive solutions for professional materials, to achieve the future of Liugong and customers with quality, and to achieve cooperation with customers. A win-win situation.